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Sol LeWitt Prints Catalogue Raisonné

A new dawn comes every day.  Or so we are to believe.  For those of us close to Sol LeWitt, April 8, 2007 seemed like perhaps  the  last  day  with  a dawn.  Sol was a man,  beyond  his  artistic   renown, who  gave,  thought, read, shared and  imbued  much.  For his peers, he was part out-sider and  part ringleader.  For his  family,  he was a steady  foundation.  For those  younger than him, he was  an inspiration, a support, a mystery, a model and so much more.  Of course, with Sol’s passing, dawns continue to come  and go,  no  matter  how  hard it  was  to  believe.   With these   new   dawns,   is   an   opportunity  for  a  new or re-evaluation and appreciation of Sol’s work.  As a quiet, reticent man, a towering figure in art history, a reader always with a book  and a shy  man  in  the  corner,  his  identity  has  been  at  once  wrapped  up  in  readings  of his  work and yet, understandably, kept rather separate.  Four-plus years after Sol’s passing, there is,  what he would truly appreciate, an opportunity for new eyes, new words, new ideas about his work.   This  can  only  happen,  though,  if  there  are  new  views,  open  information   and  boundless opportunities.  Hopefully, this massive catalogue raisonne will help usher that in.

With almost 350 distinct entries and projects, from 1947 to 2006, as well as numerous (and assumably more to be added as they are uncovered) uneditioned projects, this archive contains over 2,500 images.  There is a depth, breadth and obvious wealth of information to view, appreciate and parse out unlike any other’s works.  We finally have the opportunity to look upon the entirety of Sol’s print output.  Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, is honored to have spent 7 years putting this together, and, as Sol would appreciate, we look forward to continually updating and adding to this archive.

As for practicalities, the site can be used in a number of ways.  One can simply browse chronologically or one can refine that browsing through the search fields which provide for both specific and general ways of finding what one is looking for.  As this sort of catalogue raisonné is a relatively new form, we are open to any and all comments, suggestions, corrections and ideas.


The Sol LeWitt Prints Catalogue Raisonné was conceived by Barbara Krakow.

All funding, website design and administering were sponsored by Barbara Krakow Gallery.

Andrew Witkin serves as editor.

Photography was done almost completely in-house by Ryan Cross & Jeremy McDonnell.

Registrarial work was done by Skyela Heitz with the assistance of Benjamin Chaffee.

All photography was edited by Ryan Cross, Terrence Gaide, Skyela Heitz & Jeremy McDonnell with much appreciated additions supplied by publishers including Crown Point Press, Edition Domberger, Edition Schellmann, Pace Prints, Parasol Press, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Two Palms Press & Works on Paper, along with the Achenbach Graphic Arts Council.

Jo Watanabe was involved with Sol on over half of the projects and so, without even discussing the skill, keen eye and dedication with which Jo worked with Sol, he was invaluable in solving mysteries heretofore unacknowledged and/or unknown.  His enthusiasm and patience are a blessing to those doing research.

Janet Passehl, curator of The LeWitt Collection, has been patient, supportive and investigative in every way asked, and more.

Susanna Singer worked with Sol from the mid-70s on and it was her early support and information that helped give birth to this project.

Sofia LeWitt has been supportive, informative and inquisitive in every way the project has needed and without hers and Carol LeWitt’s enthusiasm and blessing this project could never have happened.  To them and Eva LeWitt, we are eternally grateful.

In addition, the project could not have been completed without the help of Brooke Alexander, Barbara Baruch, Kathan Brown, Sasha Baguskas, John Campione, Lara Cocken, Bob Feldman, Marian Goodman, Sue Grinols, David & Evie Lasry, Jacob Lewis, Michael LeWitt, Andrew Richards, Joerg Schellmann, Benjamin Shiff, Dick Solomon, Diane Tillim, Valerie Wade & and the myriad people who fielded our calls, dug in their archives and helped fill in the missing pieces.

More to come.