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Sol LeWitt Prints Catalogue Raisonné
Grids, Using Straight, Not-Straight, and Broken Lines in All Vertical & Horizontal Combinations
Catalogue Raisonné #:
Grids, Using Straight, Not-Straight, and Broken Lines in All Vertical & Horizontal Combinations
Set of twenty-eight etchings, bound as a book, with slipcase
Image Size:
10.6 × 10.6 inches (27 × 27 cm)
Paper Size:
11 × 11 inches (28 × 28 cm)
Type of Paper:
Rives BFK
Edition Size:
Edition of 25, AP 5
Signed on last page
Parasol Press Ltd., New York, New York
Kathan Brown at Crown Point Press, Oakland, California
Additional Info:

Previously catalogued as E-06a

Also known as: Grids, Using Straight Lines, Not-Straight Lines, and Broken Lines in All Possible Combinations

Book of twenty-eight prints, black; bound in white linen-covered boards with gray paper slipcase

Title Page:  Grids, using straight lines, not-straight lines & broken lines in all their possible combinations.  28 etchings in an edition of 25 copies, with 10 artist's proofs.  Printed at Crown Point Press, Oakland, California.  Published by Parasol Press, Ltd., New York City, 1973.

Content Page: 

1. Straight/Straight

2. Straight/Not-straight

3. Straight/Broken

4. Straight/Straight, Not-straight

5. Straight/Straight, Broken

6. Straight/Not-straight, Broken

7. Straight/Straight, Not-straight, Broken

8. Not-straight/Not-straight

9. Not-straight/Broken

10. Not-straight/Straight, Not-straight

11. Not-straight/Straight, Broken

12. Not-straight/Not-straight, Broken

13. Not-straight/Straight, Not-straight, Broken

14. Broken/Broken

15. Broken/Straight, Not-straight

16. Broken/Straight, Broken

17. Broken/Not Straight, Broken

18. Broken/Straight, Not-straight, Broken

19. Straight, Not-straight/Straight, Not-straight

20. Straight, Not-straight/Straight, Broken

21. Straight, Not-straight/Not-straight, Broken

22. Straight, Not-straight/Straight, Not-straight, Broken

23. Straight, Broken/Straight, Broken

24. Straight, Broken/Not-straight, Broken

25. Straight, Broken/Straight, Not-straight, Broken

26. Not-straight, Broken/Not-straight, Broken

27. Not-straight, Broken/Straight, Not-straight, Broken

28. Straight, Not-straight, Broken/Straight, Not-straight, Broken